Contrary to popular belief, the dangers surrounding critical infrastructure has been know for over 2 decades!

Do you know how the Morris worm affected Critical Infrastructure?

In 1988 Robert Morris released the first worm on the internet. This chain of events spawned the creation of DARPA and U.S. CERT.

In 1997, DARPA wrote a report to the Presidents Commission about Critical Infrastructure Protection. The report identified Critical Infrastructure problems CERT had been dealing with.

Fast forward to 2018… and now 2019… and the Cyber domain is still trying to address Critical Infrastructure protection…as my fellow Devil Dogs would say, that is UNSAT!

Here’s the truth on the matter.

Most Cyber professionals in today’s Cyber domain don’t have the proper resources to run successful and proactive Cyber programs.

With 16 Critical Infrastructure sectors identified… We help you secure critical infrastructure by doing a full assessment and then providing actionable recommendation to fix it. 

Keep this simple tip in mind. An ‘Authority to Operate’ is only as good as the design and execution of the Cyber program responsible for making those decisions.

If you’re serious about securing Critical Infrastructure in 2019 then let’s talk!

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